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Founded in 1999. PC-Unlimited, a privately owned company in Strijen The Netherlands.

PC-Unlimited began as a unique, small technology company in the region offering customized Web Design, Web Site Hosting and PC service.

Today, we are offering a high quality product and services at a reasonable price! In practice, this means that we work for the MKB, where our service and speed are at the forefront!

It is our mission to bring personal needs in line with business issues. Through local service, we can immediately work with you on the strategic areas for your business. Moreover, we advise you about replacing old hardware, possible software and hardware upgrades, and the planning of maintenance.


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Kemphaanpad 5

3291 VB, Strijen


The Netherlands

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PC-Unlimited provides responsive, professional IT support and technology services for your business, performing regular ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and backups - everything necessary to ensure an efficient, safe, and reliable IT environment.